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A bit of History

1st Hartburn Scout Group was formed in 1921 by Captain Thomas Graham Mellanby, who went on to become District Commissioner for Stockton and Thornaby District 1924 - 1926, which is commemorated on a plaque displayed in our Headquarters.

Graham Mellanby fought as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corp during the First World War, becoming a Captain in 1917 he was subsequently listed in the London Gazette as unemployed in 1920. 

He died in 1926 when he was taken ill following his taking a party of Scouts on a tour of Belgium and on his return camping with a Troop in Glaisdale.

He was obliged to return home from that Camp on Thursday and on Saturday June 21st was taken to a local nursing home where he collapsed and died of injuries he had sustained in the war when his plane crashed.

The propeller from his plane is proudly mounted in our Scout hut, measuring 9 feet in length it originates from a Vickers Gunbus FB9 Airplane.

The group became 1st Hartburn (Graham Mellanby’s Own) in 1932, and was registered as a Sea Scout Group around 40 years later.  We celebrated our 90th year in February 2011.